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Nuance  a Global Fashion Collective (GFC) designer


After graduating from a fashion school and working as a designer at an apparel manufacturer, Yuri Otsuka joined a Japanese leading corporate, Adastria Co., Ltd. as a designer.

She changed her career from an apparel designer to a dress designer and has been proposing dresses that are not bound by conventional design, but rather valuing her Japanese sensitivity.

The new brand concept is “Okuyukasi” which can be literally translated into “elegant modesty”. It also comes with the meaning “to read ahead, to get to know, and to ask with compassion”, along with “be captivated from the bottom of one’s heart”. The term itself is graceful and attractive; it reflects the times. So, we designed the dress with such a distinctive feature of Japanese culture.


On the best day of life, we want to tell the backstories of the brides- how they have lived out their lives, as well as their individual beauty and discernible personal style. The design aims to make the audience become curious about all the life stories behind it.

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A female model wearing a white dress designed by Nuance lounging on a chair



A female model wearing an orange dress designed by Nuance
A grey dress designed by Nuance being modeled by a female model
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