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Maison de Hoe

Hanwei Su, a fashion designer residing in New York City and a Parsons graduate, is getting ready to present her FW23 collection for her own label during New York Fashion Week in February 2023.


SU's independent life abroad from the time she was 15 years old until the present, her research into the connection between art and the self, and her exposure to western philosophy and education have all helped to shape her unique way of thinking and designing in comparison to her peers who grew up in a traditionally Chinese environment. She saw herself as the result of the clash between her sense of New York and the aspects of China that she felt were true.


She is inspired to keep working because she wants to contribute to society through clothes design and to develop a more morally upright fashion business. Her conversations have continuously focused on rights, equality, sustainability, and humanitarian issues, which should be obvious. Instead than only discussing them intellectually, she focuses on looking into practical solutions to environmental and societal issues, such as new systems, design techniques, and material experiments and practices. Her designs have been featured in publications, and she has been awarded the Tishman Fund for Excellence in Climate, Environmental Justice, and Sustainability and reached the finals of the IYDC Sustainable Fashion Competition.

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Yellow Dress



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