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Lexernel  a Global Fashion Collective (GFC) designer


A man who loved classic music and studied fashion and a woman who studied piano and loved fashion joined forces and created the brand; L’eternal. Since then, they have poured their passion and enthusiasm into the brand. After returning to Korea, from Ecole de Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, he worked as a designer in the domestic fashion industry. 


L’eternel takes its brand name from the French word “eternel” which means “forever”. It was born out of a desire to capture our unique sensibility, “eternally unchanging”. This collection is elegant with French sensibility, it has a refined oriental feel that blends the lines. We have prepared a collection with L'eternel’s unique design philosophy, integrating the beauty of the East and the West into one. Not for fashion itself, but for practical comfort and beauty. ​

Sophisticated to fit any body type, elegant and lively, sometimes dynamic and calming. We express the sensible melody of L’eternel through an ‘object’ called clothes.


We strive to create a value that does not change and that still remains with the passage of time.

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A look designed by L'eternel being modeld by a female model on the runway



A female model wearing a look designed by L'eternel walking down a runway
A female model posing at the end of a runway wearing a look designed by L'eternel
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