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Kloster Studio a Global Fashion Collective (GFC) designer

Carmen Maria Kloster

Carmen Maria Kloster is a fashion Designer based in Denmark. In 2021 she finished her bachelor's degree from Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design. Immediately after she started working on her brand kloster studio, from her little Copenhagen apartment. Developing a brand that creates fashion with a focus on aesthetics in a sustainable way. Technique and storytelling are the two fundamental elements of kloster studio as a brand. 

Recently she moved to a little town in the middle of nowhere - from city life to horses in the backyard. A big contrast she has brought with her into her work. Together with her boyfriend, she lived in different places in the countryside of Denmark, even tho they were constantly packing and unpacking. Carmen saw beauty in the chaos and where constantly working on pieces and making each garment by hand. The collection came to life through the move and each garment got its very own story and became a part of that journey. The collection is made from recycled materials and leftover fabric mostly found at small local second-hand stores all over Denmark.


The collection “Provincial Romance” is a story about a lost soul falling in love. A blossoming romance in the province. Playing with a mix of aesthetics and kitsch. Looking at prejudices about the province which are often dismissed as tasteless. 


The collection was originally based on Carmen's previous collection built around nostalgia and the loss of her father. She worked with a melancholy and excessive sentimentality and approached it with ironic distance. Made it personal but not private. But in connection with the move, the collection took on a turn and became a collection with many impressions, and stories told through the clothes. An expression of something that has been stored for a long time and has therefore acquired traces of use and natural wear and tear.

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