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Lediel a Global Fashion Collective (GFC) designer


Lediel is a luxury Prêt-à-porter brand under the creative direction of Laura Maria Escobar, a Colombian designer born in Bogotá who bets on the diversification of silhouettes and the exaltation of sensuality through the mixture of feminine and masculine elements within the same Look redefining luxury and Latin sophistication.


After designing for other brands, where her designs stepped on international catwalks such as Milan Fashion Week in 2021, decides to launch her collection, a collection where she makes clear her point of view as a designer and how she conceives female empowerment.

COOL SOPHISTICATION is two words that perfectly describe the essence of the brand. The LEDIEL woman is bold, intrepid, and fierce, and shows it in each of her movements.


 The brand bets on classic cuts with a modern twist that will always give people something to talk about and will cause the wearer an overwhelming but subtle confidence.

 The brand carries as its insignia a mixture of elements that have always represented feminine sensuality such as necklines, silks, lace, and corsetry combined with elements of a masculine nature that have been associated with power and authoritarianism throughout history, such as the sartorial, shoulder pads, and cloths.

A Lediel garment will always be characterized by the sharpness of its cuts, the contrast of its textiles, and the reinterpretation of classic silhouettes within the framework of sophistication and modernity, always exalting women and making them worse with each step they take.


Lediel’s collections have been featured in important fashion magazines such as Vogue.

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A female model modeling a look designed by Lediel posing for a photo



A look designed by Lediel being modeled by a female model
A female model wearing a clothing look designed by Lediel
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