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Yu Qian

After the 5 years of professional study of pharmacy and some practical working experiences, I found that fashion design is still what I have passionate about. So I quit my job and start over again by pursuing a master’s degree in art with a specialty of fashion design. After obtaining two art master's degrees, I became even more determined that art has the power of spiritual healing. So I focused on mental illness and disability topics for my works and designs.

I prefer to treat each of my works as a different object. Maybe there is the possibility of infinite in-depth exploration in the future, and I don't want to give up every inspiration that appears in my mind instantly. Different methods, elements and materials are used. They are chaotic and clear, just like me as an ordinary person, complex and contradictory. Although rational logic is critical, rationality serves sensibility. I serve my work, my work serves me. Sometimes it is merely a communication between us.



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