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Designer JISUN LEE started out as a fashion designer and worked as a merchandiser and marketer, giving her the personality, creativity and commercial potential of a designer. She operates a commercial line and a collection line, and the collection line presents a fashion show every season. In particular, TRIPLEROOT's collection line presents collaborations with various fields every season and also presents concept fashion shows.

TRIPLEROOT style is define by a simplest silhouette, an elegance mode and a trendy looking. The brand is composed of sensory design, high qualify fabric and easy fit between the classic and casual mix & match to suggest a self-confidence and self-respect. 

This 24F/W TRIPLEROOT collection pursues the gentle beauty of women under the concept of Nobleless Veritas. By presenting a modern old money look based on classic styles, TRIPLEROOT presents a unique sensibility to contemporary women.



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