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The Tis

Founded by London College of Fashion graduates in 2021, the label THETIS draws inspiration from romantic yet dry atmosphere of London. In line with its slogan "The rest is history (in abbreviation THETIS)," the label offers romantic and intense pieces with careful attention to every detail - from selection of fabrics and elegant embellishments to thoughtfully designed silhouette.

To shop THETIS is to introduce daily and wearable luxe to your wardrobe that can express who you are and what you want to be without having to speak. Freely crossing the borderline between art and fashion, the collection not only completes your outfit but also your presence.

Autumn/Winter 2024 collection 'Upper Class' of THETIS includes standouts of the label such as flower textiles and ribbon details, infused into a range of dresses, blouses and accessories. You can expect refined and romantic pieces that can be worn and reworn in special occasions.



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