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Satomi Takakura

Debuted at the Vancouver Fashion Week in Spring 2023, Satomi el beso received a tremendous roaring ovation and an audience wanting more. The Designer, Satomi Takakura has been primarily creating costumes for T.V. Shows, commercials and live performances for Japanese “idols” or aidoru in Japanese for the last 20 years. Each of Takakura’s costume has an exclusive design, goes through a careful, handworked process and is created with specially chosen materials, including Japanese anime patterns by Japan-based artists.

Takakura is a leading designer with the goal of bringing an amusing and entertaining fantasy Japanese idol culture underground in fashion from Tokyo, Japan. Kenta Matsukuma, a music producer known for working on songs such as Japanese idol group ‘Bish’ will join the show to create exhilarating atmosphere with animated videos and a pumping soundtrack for coming show.

Also Limo, the Japanese makeup/headpiece artist working globally, will provide outstanding and unique headpieces for Satomi el beso NYFW debut collection. 

Fun is a major factor in her delightful show, and bringing collaborations with Japanese creators is a key element of her creation.



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