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Rhea Singh

Rhea Singh is a contemporary Indian fashion designer with a unique background and perspective on fashion. She was born in Poland but grew up in Singapore, which has likely influenced her multicultural and diverse approach to design. Currently residing in New York, Rhea's work has garnered attention for its exploration of identity and cultural sustainability.

One of Rhea's distinctive features as a designer is her focus on incorporating Indian-inspired fabric prints into her garments. Her background in print design allows her to digitally recreate traditional Indian prints, preserving the rich heritage of Indian textiles. She combines these prints with delicate beadwork and embroidery, ensuring that each garment tells a unique and meaningful story.

Rhea's inspiration comes from her upbringing in a culture where stories were expressed through fabric motifs and embellishments. She draws from these traditional practices to create a bridge between the past and contemporary design. In a world increasingly digital, Rhea's decision to incorporate her love for delicate beadwork and traditional prints into her work sets her apart in the fashion industry.

Under the brand name REA, a variation of her own name, Rhea aims to represent the eternal flow of time and generations through her designs. Her brand's mission is to bring the heritage of Indian textile prints into the contemporary fashion world, emphasizing the importance of preserving and celebrating cultural traditions.

Rhea's debut collection, "Eternal Threads," showcases her commitment to this mission. Each look in the collection serves as an example of how heritage is not only preserved but also celebrated in the modern fashion landscape. Rhea Singh's work is a testament to the rich tapestry of influences that shape her as a designer and the stories she weaves into her creations.



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