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Patrycja Plesiak


Collection description:

The collection is about the symbiosis of fashion and technology. It features a print inspired by a modern TME magazine, the installation of which inspired the designer. Original dresses, evening gown are created from geometric elements.

The designer herself created her own fabrics, for example jacquard or mesh. Despite the technological inspiration, the original cuts emphasize the feminine qualities of the silhouette, and the variety of materials - matt, gloss, transparency, texture - makes it surprising

The main colors of the collection are electric blue, red and lime mixed with black and white.

An additional use of technology are glowing LEDs and electronic components used in accessories.Patrycja Plesiak is a designer who creates with passion. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz with a master's degree in art. For 10 years, she has been dressing women in unusually made-to-measure creations. She has over 40 original collections presented in Milan and Paris (Including the Louvre). Emphasizing femininity, original fabrics, and quality are the most important elements of Plesiak's designs.

The designer has her atelier in OFF Piotrkowska Center in Łódź, where you can observe the process of creating original projects. Her collections have been published in Vogue, Elle, and Harper's Bazaar, she has had many successes in the international fashion arena. 



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