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Naoko Tosa is a new media artist interested in creating new value mainly from the relationship between sound and image. Her early work, An Expression (1985), which generated sound in real-time from the brightness of video images, is in the MoMA collection. There are various “patterns” in traditional Japanese culture. She found that an asymmetrical triangle, a pattern of Ikebana, can be generated by giving sound vibration to fluids and photographing the shape of the fluids with a high-speed camera. She created a video art called “Sound of Ikebana.” This work was screened every night for 3 minutes at NY Times Square for one month in April 2017 when she served as Cultural Envoy of the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs. Currently, she is developing fashion using her digital new media art.

Naoko Tosa's brand is characterized by turning her new media art into fashion using digital textile printing technology. A high-speed camera with a speed of 2000 frames/second captures the shapes born from a baby's first cry and heartbeat that cannot be seen with the naked eye. One frame of this video is made into fashion using Epson's digital textile printing technology. While using Ikebana as a motif that evokes an oriental ZEN atmosphere, the fashion is stylish and stateless, which leads to simple is best. The fashion will blow a new wind that has never existed before. The fashion can be worn when deciding whether it is public or private. It will be called Power Fashion: Sound of Ikebana. In addition, it is gender-free clothing, and all ages can wear it.



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