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Munetaka Yokoyama

MUNETAKA YOKOYAMA is the second generation of a 60-year-old bespoke sewing factory specialized in high-end tailor-made suits. The factory has been sewing high-end tailor-made suits and formal wear for department stores for over 60 years since 1963.

In 2008, MUNETAKA YOKOYAMA expanded into Tokyo's fashion mecca, Minami Aoyama, and opened a formal wear atelier. As a result of working with artisans to create each item with the utmost care, the formal wear he creates is rated high by leading hotels and department stores in Japan,celebrities and show business stars, and has come to be known as the best tuxedo brand in Japan. He also established the Japan Formalwear Culture Association in 2018 to carry on and develop not only his own brand but also traditional Japanese culture and traditional industry. He serves as the chairman of the board and makes formal wear using "kimono" fabric, one of Japan's traditional cultures.

MUNETAKA YOKOYAMA is expected to be a brand that will promote Japan's traditional culture and traditional industries to the world.



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