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For this collection, Miyabi Ikeda has developed an innovative and breathtaking style that overturns conventional ideas, while basing it on Japan's traditional kimonos. One of the unique themes is "Oirandoutyu," where Miyabi arranges opulent and slightly risque styles of Japan’s historic pleasure quarters with fresh and creative ideas.

The "Furisode," a traditional formal Japanese attire, has been transformed into a dazzling and modern style adorned abundantly with Swarovski crystals on its silk fabric.

Additionally, Miyabi designed original patterns and had them woven into fabrics to create a unique "Jinbaori" style, inspired by ancient Japanese battle attire. One of the "Jinbaori" pieces features a rainbow-colored faux fur with the image of the Thunder God's war drums on the back.

Another remarkable "Jinbaori" is inspired by the mightiest beast in Asia, the tiger. It showcases traditional Japanese doll makers' crafted tiger figurines arranged alongside tiger-patterned fabrics. The runway is graced by gallant knights donning these fierce and valiant tiger-inspired creations.



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