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Miss Alphabet

Miss Alphabet got her start 20 years ago during her fashion studies at a community college, and while working part time in a fabric store. Before that, watching Cinderella sparked her interest in sewing as a child, after watching the mice create a beautiful dress. Then a combination of playing in the satins at the fabric store, hand stitching her vintage scarf collection onto her Barbie dolls as dresses, and watching her mother make a wedding dress, eventually led her to a school sewing class at the age of 12. 

After discovering alternative and J-fashion communities online, she jumped right in and started auctioning off handmade pieces on eBay. Over the years her style would go from resembling midcentury retro to 80's pastel Fairy Kei aesthetics, since the nostalgia resonated as an 80's baby. 

Today, she still often works with vintage bedsheets to upcycle into fun pieces to channel her favorite 80's and 90's looks. Other favorite materials include deadstock fabrics, dollhouse furniture, and anything bright, pastel, neon, sheer, or sparkly. Motifs such as Memphis prints, ballerina bears, boomboxes, and Valentine's Day patterns dominate her work. She keeps an eye out on looks spotted in Harajuku and around Tokyo, as well as her favorite retro cartoons for inspiration.

Miss Alphabet regularly makes appearances at anime conventions, fashion shows, Harajuku Day Los Angeles, and plus size markets (being a plus size gal herself). She is very excited to make her first ever appearance at a major Fashion Week show. Miss Alphabet's clothing and accessories are already enjoyed by the Harajuku community, drag queens, and Barbie enthusiasts alike, all over the world. But she looks forward to having even more global reach.



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