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Influenced by my mother, who elegantly adorned herself in clothes that suited her, I have been interested in fashion since childhood. However, being clumsy with my hands, I gave up on a fashion career after being told in a junior high school home economics class that "dressmaking is not suitable for you." Instead, I chose the path of an esthetician. After marriage, I began assisting my husband in the sewing industry, learning the art of tailoring and sewing machines from my mother-in-law. I gradually started creating clothes in my own style.

In 2017, I launched my brand and established a new salon. As the brand gained momentum, my mother-in-law developed an incurable disease, making it increasingly challenging for her to change clothes due to physical limitations. Disliking the dull colors of elderly care clothing, my mother-in-law inspired my interest in universal design to create clothes that are both easy to wear and stylish. I started producing clothes with vibrant colors and universal designs, gaining media coverage to reach those who need them.

Embracing the philosophy of a world where everyone can enjoy fashion effortlessly, we prioritize individuality, offering fully customizable dresses. This, we believe, embodies the essence of universal design.

Customers refer to Mee Dress as "a dress that makes your dreams come true." Mee Dress has the power to transport individuals to their ideal places and introduce them to a newfound radiant self. If you have dreams to fulfill, envisioning the future is a crucial first step. Please share your ideals and dreams, and let me assist you in bringing them to life; your future clothes are still dormant in your mind.



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