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Macario Jimenez

Like no other, Macario Jimenez knows how to make levitate beauty over the women ́s body. His designs come from the light dynamics of the wind, that’s why each piece it’s irreplaceable and exceptional.

As a brand Macario Jimenez Mexico has nearly 30 years of know-how creating unique pieces. Learning the craftsmanship in Milan at the world renowned Istituto Marangoni, finding his own voice returning to Mexico. Since then, a nonstop career has built its legacy.

From the very first day the ideas, colors, textures and creativity has worked together to create designs for worldwide level collections.

Inside Macario Jimenez atelier, one can breathe knowledge and creativity within modélistes, needlewomen, apprentices and longtime supporters, all of them who agree on their best efforts with the adventure of a single identity.

As a fingerprint, each garment answers to the woman who is wearing it. The reinvention of the senses has been a constant discipline and the balance of simplicity is the secret of his esthetics.



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