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Layra Hisaki

TSUKUYOMI BLACK by Layra Hisaki.

First appearance at Paris Fashion Week, this collection, titled "Born to earth, Reborn to earth", explores themes of humans coexisting with nature.

2022 Spring/Summer lineup employs traditional Japanese dyeing and bleach techniques, while the 2023 Autumn/Winter lineup features "mud dyeing" techniques from Amami Ōshima, an island in southern Japan.

Layra personally went to Amami Ōshima and worked with local "mud dyeing" craftsmen. During her stay, she became conscious of the blessing of earth and water, and how mud is born from rich water and lands.

Layra's dyeing process is an experimental process. Each piece is not done after a single dyeing process, but rather is washed, bleached, and dyed multiple times before it acquires its final gradation of colours. 

The fabrics used for every single piece in the collection were dyed from scratch, and each piece was designed after actually examining the final dyed fabric. Layra has also experimented with nature-friendly fabric (fabric made from basalt rock) for a piece in her collection. Basalt rock has received praise in recent years as an alternative to other nature-unfriendly materials that are linked to microplastic ocean pollution problems.

The nature-inspired colour theme of this collection includes the earth's pulse (brown), red flames of life and rebirth, black that envelopes all, and blue that washes all away. Various colour gradation pieces were made to match each season's colour themes.

Text written on the pieces in a casual style represents messages to oneself regarding one's own struggles and encouragement.

Background music was selected to match the emphasis on nature, natural fabrics and natural dyeing processes of this collection.

Moving away from mass production towards new innovation and values is expressed by each and every piece in this collection.



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