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Ika Butoni

What truly set Ika Butoni apart was her unwavering commitment to sustainable practices. Through her utilization of natural botanical dyeing techniques, she extracted colors from tannins and chemical compounds found in plant matter and masterfully transferred them to the fabric. "The growing popularity of botanical dyeing comes as no surprise," she remarked. "It allows people to reconnect with nature while providing a sustainable solution. It is a necessity for the industry."

Ika Butoni's profound connection with nature and dedication to sustainable practices contribute significantly to the fashion industry's transformation towards greater environmental consciousness.

The 2024 Oriental Fashion Show was a visual dialogue between different cultures, promoting fashion as a universal language conveying messages of peace and brotherhood. Ika Butoni's presence added a unique dimension to this already captivating event.

Fashion enthusiasts, industry insiders, and the general public were invited to celebrate creativity and unity at this year's Oriental Fashion Show. Together, they witnessed the magic of Oriental fashion and supported the cause of a more environmentally friendly fashion industry.

About Ika Butoni:

Ika Butoni is a renowned fashion designer celebrated for her multi-faceted and multi dimensional creations, distributed in over 50 countries. Her commitment to sustainability and love for nature are reflected in her unique approach to fashion, which includes the innovative use of natural botanical dyeing techniques. Her designs represent a harmonious fusion of art, tradition, and contemporary vision.



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