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Hiroko Tokumine

Born in Okinawa, Japan. 


Since childhood, she has longed for fashion like princesses and dolls, and established her own brand when she was a student.


She became interested in kimonos because of her mother's influence in Japanese dressmaking, and she liked to make dresses using Japanese fabrics and kimono fabrics.


In December 2022, she presented "Yamato-Nadeshiko one-piece dress", a dress designed almost like a kimono, and became a hot topic on SNS.


At this Paris FW, Hiroko Tokumine will be presenting a new kimono fashion that anyone can wear in no time, combining Lolita fashion with kimono.


It features Hiroko Tokumine's original sleeves "Japonica Sleeves", which combines kimono and western clothing elements, and the traditional Japanese craft "Tsumami-zaiku".


Using good old kimono fabrics everywhere, Hiroko Tokumine presents sustainable and new designs.


Other notable materials besides kimono fabrics are the wings of a rare Japanese bird called "Onagadori" and fractal pattern printed silk fabrics.


Using not only non-Japanese models but also six Japanese models including Misako Aoki, Midori Fukasawa, and Kurumi, who are famous for lolita fashion models, expressing the combination of Japanese and Western fashion.



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