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Ethan Wingate

We believe true confidence comes from within, but clothes can help. We are driven by our desire to empower women with clothing that compliments their lives while celebrating who they are and what they stand for.

The brand

Stef Mouchie is a Toronto-based fashion brand focused on modern-day workwear essentials aimed at women looking for distinct yet easy to wear pieces that will make them feel empowered in their day-to-day work environment. Whether that's home with the kids, at the office or a local café, we've got the pieces to match your lifestyle. 

The designer

Embracing a vintage aesthetic, Stefan Mouchie founded his label Stef Mouchie in 2017. His clothing is defined by a combination of fabrics, cuts, and patterns with a subtle retro feel, highlighting Mouchie's eye for detail and his commitment to timeless design.

Before turning his hand to fashion design, Mouchie became an honor student at Ottawa University, earning degrees in mechanical and biomedical engineering and technology. He soon noticed, however, that women were vastly underrepresented in the workplace. In response, Mouchie created a powerful yet subtle wardrobe for working women who wanted to make a bold statement with their look.

Mouchie went on to train with Chris Morgan, founder of Elevations in Style and learned drapery, design philosophy and pattern making from Raji Patterson, a friend and local tailor.

 "Fusing my expertise in computer technology with fashion design, I followed my dream of creating clothing that is both beautiful and fashion-forward with a sharp focus on the art of tailoring and fit," says Mouchie.

Our commitment to you 

Each design from Stef Mouchie features a distinctly modern yet feminine flair that will help every woman's unique essence stand out. 

Our office-ready outfits are both stylish and functional, giving you the confidence to walk the walk in the workplace and everyday life. We combine tailored businesswear pieces with easy-to-wear items, so you can slip in and out of meetings without looking like you just came from one.

For those who wish to revamp their wardrobe but don't have time to shop, or for those who want expert style advice, Stef Mouchie also offers bespoke tailoring. We can make clothing to fit any body type or design aesthetic, and our intention is always to improve the quality of your life by helping you look and feel your best.



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