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Established in 1988, we present our 36th annual collection by returning to our origins and inspired by our excitement and gratitude. The “heart” motif has long been a core element of our brand as part of our logo since its creation.

Our latest collection is inspired by our brand icon “Usakumya-chan” (bunny-bear mascot), capturing a cute moment in a bouquet print, appearing in an Alice in Wonderland-themed heart print, and showcasing a cuteness only BABY can convey through a curtain of delicate embroidery and into an adorable “heart-ful” world filled to the brim with our grateful emotions.

At NYFW, we will be presenting a brand new collection including archival designs that represent our brand's unique Lolita style. After the fashion show in NYC, our next shows will take place on February 18th in Tokyo, Japan and March 24th in Shanghai, China. Please look forward to the ultimate Lolita fashion BABY,THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT has in store for 2024.

This season marks the 36th year since the brand was established in 1988. Returning to our roots, we have developed a collection that expresses our excited hearts, thoughts, and feelings of gratitude. The "heart" motif is a core element of the brand logo. This collection includes the brand icon "Usakumya-chan", a bouquet pattern that captures a cute moment of excitement, a heart pattern inspired by Alice in Wonderland, and through delicate embroidery, we express the world of "hearts", which are full of excitement, feelings, and gratitude, in full BABY-like cuteness.

At NYFW, we will be presenting a collection that includes archives that represent the brand, centering around these new releases. After New York, we are also planning to hold solo fashion shows in Tokyo on February 18th and Shanghai on March 24th. Please enjoy the ultimate Lolita fashion expressed by BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT in 2024.



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