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Ali M.Ghaziani

Ali M.Ghaziani

Born and raised in North of Iran 1972, Ali’s passion for art and design began in his early childhood; as his grandmother was an artist, and his mother was tailoring for family and friends; heavily influencing him to partake in various sewing activities such as re-styling his own wardrobe at the young age of 14. He was constantly surrounded by art, as he started to learn how to paint as a form of self-expression as a hobby. 

As Ali began to mature, he was drawn by the idea of creating his own custom- wardrobe, eventually leading him on a quest to pursue a career in Fashion design. He would hone in on his craft by working in a small leather workshop, learning procedural techniques as well as being self- taught. He decided to open his first atelier shop/ showroom in his hometown during 1994.

Further excelling his competency in diverse aspects of the industry; Ali started experimenting with challenging materials such as leather and suede, gaining interest in the workmanship that assembling each material required. He learned the entire process from patternmaking to the final garment, specializing in complex garment detailing.

He eventually migrated to Italy in 1996, where he attended numerous seminars until he came. Ali’s experience in Italy was an eye- opening experience as he fell in love with the culture of fashion at that time, providing him with a new outlook on artisanal craftsmanship.

As a few years had passed, he migrated to Canada with his family, acquiring a respectable position at Harry Rosen as a Tailor/ Leather specialist. Working at Harry Rosen exposed him to diverse areas of how a successful retail chain operated on a day-to-day basis; inspiring him to have a larger role within the industry. As a full- time employee, he would conduct work during the day and develop his collection at night. Within a few years, he launched his first runway show at Vancouver Fashion Week under a new brand name ‘’ Valeriomoda’’. The show gained notoriety of a small following of fashion enthusiasts who appreciated his unique outlook on classic menswear. Ali released several other fashion shows between the years of 2009- 2015, before he started getting recognized by elite publication companies and well-known celebrities. His work was featured by the likes of British Vogue, British GQ, Elle Italy, and several international and local media channels, further adding to his credentials. Ali utilized his media coverage by creating exclusive pieces for figures such as Bono from U2, Ronnie Coleman, and several prominent figures, before he decided to take his talents to new heights; Partnering with His son to develop a new brand using their surname ‘’ Ghaziani’’. The house was established in 2020, with years of development in Italy and by Ali himself with the notion of the ‘’first impression must be the best impression.



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