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[unusual] is an overarching idea defining melancholic vulnerability. The vulnerability stems from the sequestration of mind and emotion inducing a numbing state of mind: The familiar feeling of nothing. The expression of one, reflecting many; we are the creators. For the kids who cannot express themselves*.

The collection titled “Wasted Youth” is a collection about development. The collection’s purpose is trying to convey the state of mind of an unstable individual through the progression of youth. Each design style is created a certain way in order to communicate understanding. The meticulousness of the runway show is reflected through a detailed breakdown entailing an emotional development through the progression of youth. “Wasted Youth” attempts to communicate the progression through designs and garments illustrating the numbing noise of an unstable mental state. The goal of the collection is to coherently communicate the story. However, the collection itself is a visible representation of miscommunication and misunderstanding. Subjective truth.



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