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Atelier Coin a Global Fashion Collective (GFC) designer

Cameron Lizotte

Cameron Lizotte is owner and designer of Atelier COĪN, established in 2016. He focuses on the concept of wearable, one of one artworks, and aims to have his garments transcend beyond clothing. Growing up in Sudbury Ontario, the nickel capital of the world, he found the title COĪN as it is his roots, like the nickel beneath him. A career in professional hockey, culminating in an OHL cup victory with the Erie Otters in 2017, made him a self-taught artist who would go straight from practice to pattern cutting. Because of this, he understands what it takes for something to truly take shape. Each piece is designed for true individuality, and is inspired by both the enthralling landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, where he lives and works, and also from the innate qualities of the unique and often upcycled fabrics themselves. Utilizing each fabrics special combination of texture and color, he coaxes his work to take its natural path, resulting in something far more than the sum of its parts.


His newest collection, The Great Escape, is the next logical step of his garments. Combining ethically sourced materials, functional silhouettes, and technical pattern work, the clothes are built to embrace the nature they are born from. The fabrics were chosen to maximize both form and function: nylons provide a durable feel and a clean appearance, canvas shines in workwear inspired shapes, and silks accent the collection with an unmatched shimmer and feel. Like always, each garment is handmade at every step, from the first cut to the final stitch.

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Male model walking down a runway wearing a clothing look designed by Atelier Coin
Yellow Dress



A clothing look designed by Atelier Coin being modeled by a male model on the runway
Male model posing at the end of a runway wearing one of Atelier Coin's clothing looks
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