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Victorian Maiden a Global Fashion Collective (GFC) designer

Victorian Maiden

Victorian maiden started the brand in 1999 in Japan.
The brand is categorized as Lolita fashion, it is known for its beautiful
silhouettes, and has a reputation for being not only “Kawaii” but also adds
elegant and coquettish elements to complete the fashion aesthetic for adults
and can be enjoyed by adults regardless of age.
Such an elegant and endearing style from Japan is delicately made and one of a
kind. It has a charm that cannot be found anywhere else.
We will be moving to Tokyo in 2023, the brand will celebrate its 25th anniversary
and bringing the new “Victorian Maiden” to the world of fashion.
We aim to create clothes that are inclusive and accessible to everyone, our goal
is to make people feel content by wearing our clothing. We make clothes
with ingenuity that is not bound by body type or age.
This collection is Autumn/Winter based fashion, it is a collection with a more
condensed world view.
The collection is a more concentrated collection of the world fashion, from “Lolita
fashion” to chic and ready-to-wear clothing, that can be easily incorporated into
daily fashion, to items with a motif of a person whom a girl adores.
We are proud to present to you the Japanese Victorian style-- the world of
Victorian maiden.

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Victorian Maiden logo
Victorian Maiden logo
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