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"ARE BURE BOKE" means "a rough grain of silver salt, a shaky image and a blurred subject that has been exposed to high temperatures". This style of photography, which emerged in Japan in the 1960s, was a far cry from what the world had previously understood as photography and became a new form of photographic expression.


The figures who used this style, Takuma Nakahira, who founded the magazine "Provoke", and later Daido Moriyama, are both important figures in the history of Japanese and international photography. They were influenced by the image of the New Immaterialist thinking of the time and eventually took this extreme step to remove the subjective intentions of the photographer from the photograph, thus liberating photography from the various frames of painting. Once the photographer no longer imposes his own ideas and impressions on his work, the viewer has more possibilities to interpret it on his own.


“ARE BURE BOKE” overturned the stereotypes of photography from the recent past, which required precise focusing, detailing and objective recording, and raised the very fundamental question of "what is photography". Nowadays, photography has developed even further, with the advent of digital photography and the spread of mobile phone photography is making itself an integral part of our daily lives. The question "What is photography?" has been answered in many different ways.


For this collection, we have used the work of the artist Kurosuzume as one of the sources of inspiration. Kurosuzume is a Japanese-based artist who uses photography and performance art as his main medium of work.

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