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February 12, 2023 - New York, NY -Global Fashion Collective (GFC) captivated the crowd with its designers' fall 2023 collections at New York Fashion Week. With designers from Japan, Indonesia, Mozambique, Mexico, China, France, and Korea, the audience saw abundant diversity and creativity throughout the show.

Global Fashion Collective III

Hengki Kawilarang is a fashion designer who started his career in 2001 in Jakarta, Indonesia, with a line of feminine, glamorous designs that always make every woman feel like a "diva" in every detail of her design. Full of glamorous elements such as crystals, feathers, and something shiny makes, his design unique.

Hengki Kawilarang Instagram


Lisa Ju's collection embraces and highlights female curves. Enter a world of fantasy featuring 12 couture art of this upcoming collection that will be shown and titled: “Renceum Réjouissances. “Renceum means sparkling in Sundanese, and Réjouissances means festivities in French. She is combining her background who live in Bandung and her immense passion for French couture designs. This time she infuses her ‘back to the root’ Indonesian culture into her artistry when appealing to an international audience. “I’m blessed to be influenced by a lot of different points of view growing up in Indonesia, which has so many different cultures, so many diverse textiles, crafts, arts, and yet a combination of original indigenous tradition and multiple modern foreign influences — that shaped me as a designer,” Lisa said.

Reinvent Indonesia’s traditional fabric: “Batik Priangan” and inspired by its patterns - the design is enriched with complexities of handmade eye-catching fabric manipulations techniques, applications of beads and crystal detailing, structural line design and also incorporates hand-painted fabric and heritage accessories from Indonesia artists to make it more avant-garde and also to support local artists.

Each gown not only underscores her unique ability to tap into Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage but also an array of influences - the interplay of female empowerment, strength, and vulnerability are all reflected in exquisitely rendered couture in astro dust, galactic cobalt, sage leaf, and apricot crush color and mood of each piece created to achieve a modern aesthetic and reflect the subtle sense of the theme without sacrificing the elegance and uniqueness as her signature style.

She launched her brand and atelier, LISA JU, in 2018, and she consistently turns heads and is inspired by everything she has done since then. One of the most historical moments of her fashion journey and representing Indonesia in the official international fashion week is no small thing. Still, for her, it is a natural progression from his great passion as a young fashion designer.

Lisa Ju presents artistic, colorful, feminine designs which appear uniquely structured. Her enchanting designs are refined, romantic, dazzling, sophisticated, and hugely popular for evening wear and wedding gowns. The designs incorporated delicate fabrics such as lace, chiffon, organza, and silk, and the ornaments she used added extra elegance.

With a wide range of clients from the baby boomer generation to the newest gen Z’s and back to the previous generations, she’s focusing on fearlessly challenging the difference of opinions and values between different generations. Lisa Ju balances the need for adaptability in an ever-changing business and market while still ensuring the core and signature style of the brand remain a key focus.


Taussy Daniel's stunning collection of formal evening wear was a mix of wearable art, all statement pieces, and all dresses from shades of seafoam and chartreuse to more traditional colors. Taússy Daniel was born October 8, 1991, in Maputo, the capital of Moçambique. Taússy Daniel is today a well-known high-fashion brand (Haute Couture).

With her unique design, Taússy Daniel focuses her energy on all women who identify with eclectic style where the silhouette plays a central role.

A brand that emphasizes the feminine body using only selected cutting techniques and the highest grade of materials, making every TAÚSSY DANIEL woman a unique being that is envied, respected, and adored.

Taussy Daniel's Instagram


Victorian Maiden was a hit with its throwback to the Victorian era. She started the brand in 1999 in Japan. It is known for its beautiful silhouettes and has a reputation for being not only "Kawaii" but also adding elegant and coquettish elements to complete the fashion aesthetic for adults and can be enjoyed by adults regardless of age.

We will be moving to Tokyo in 2023. The brand will celebrate its 25th anniversary and bring the new "Victorian Maiden" to the fashion world. We aim to create clothes that are inclusive and accessible to everyone. Our goal is to make people feel content by wearing our clothing. We make clothes with ingenuity that is not bound by body type or age. This collection is Fall/Winter based fashion. It is a collection with a more condensed worldview.

The collection is a more concentrated collection of the world fashion, from "Lolita fashion" to chic and ready-to-wear clothing that can be easily incorporated into daily style, to items with a motif of a person whom a girl adores.

We proudly present the Japanese Victorian style-- the world of Victorian Maiden.

Victorian Maiden Instagram

Victorian Maiden Website


For all media inquiries, imagery, and additional information, please contact:

Lisa Bucher- Media and PR Coordinator

Thank you to our sponsors:

Makeup by Claudia Trejo with New York Makeup Academy and Latina Glam using BULLY BLOCKER @bullyblockerlife @yayamuany @newyorkmakeupacademy @_latinasglam

Hair by Odete DaSilva using Goldwell and Varis @OdeteDailvahair @Goldwellus @VarisProHair

About Global Fashion Collective:

Launched in October 2017, Global Fashion Collective (GFC) is a platform led by a group of dynamic individuals who share the common goal of cultivating an inclusive and diverse fashion industry. Global Fashion Collective’s mission is to accelerate designer development by producing innovative runway showcases globally in fashion capitals to increase international media visibility and expand new market opportunities for their show’s participating designers. As the sister company to Vancouver Fashion Week, which has been producing shows since 2001, GFC works with a wide range of international designers at all runway shows. After showcasing in Paris, New York, and Tokyo, the Collective plans to expand its reach with upcoming shows in London and Milan for 2023. Global Fashion Collective aims to grow to be the industry leader in providing collective shows worldwide.

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