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GFC Rakuten Tokyo Fashion Week SS24: Maxime Edward, ALSA SAMA, CEDIM, and Karen Moriyama

August 30, 2023 - Tokyo, Japan - Another successful Rakuten Tokyo Fashion Week has come to an end, but have you ever wondered what it's like to attend the shows? Take a look at our social media videos and posts to experience the event with us. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as Global Fashion Collective (GFC) showcased some of the latest trends for the upcoming spring season.




Maxime Edward

Maxime's exceptional talent in the field of fashion has allowed him to explore his creativity and showcase his versatility as a designer. His unique artistic philosophy, known as "Maxime Edward," combines sophistication and classicism with elements of sportiness, urban modernity, rustic timelessness, and even theatrical and futuristic inspirations.

His designs are characterized by structured cuts that exude dynamism while maintaining an understated elegance and whimsical allure.


Instagram @maximeedwardstudio


Alsa Sama

Alsa Sama is a brand that inspires sustainability and elegance in women's fashion. Their handcrafted pieces draw inspiration from art, music, and the designer's African heritage. Alsa Sama embodies the principles of slow fashion and values the artistry of its work, as seen in their latest collection, LATE BLOOMER.

The collection narrates the story of a self-paced woman who doesn't seem to know what she is late for. It celebrates the power of moving at your own pace while being unapologetically yourself. The pieces are playful, oddly familiar, and very inquisitive. This limited collection features exclusive, vibrant fabrics made from upcycled industry scraps. The color palette moves from yellow tones to brick red, with instances of black setting a vibe that makes you want to stay up late at night.

Website SM handles @alsasamadesign


Cedim The School of Design

The School of Design has been a prominent institution in Mexico since 1978, renowned for its expertise in design, innovation, and business. Throughout its history, the school has produced countless talented designers and broadened its range of programs. Its unwavering commitment to excellence has led to numerous national and international awards and recognitions.

UNFOLD is a collective of seven emerging designers is proud to honor the visionary and innovative legacy established by CEDIM, The School of Design, over the past 45 years. In each of their garments, these designers skillfully capture the essence of evolution, drawing inspiration from their unique perspectives and personal histories.

Their exceptional collection takes us on a captivating journey through time, revealing the pivotal moments that have shaped their identity and propelled them forward. It is a retrospective homage to their past, as they look toward the future by pushing boundaries and setting new trends.


Instagram @cedim


Karen Moriyama

Since she was young, she had a deep love for drawing and aspired to become an illustrator. Despite achieving success in Japan's art competitions, she discovered a new passion for fashion after participating in a design contest.

Her latest collection, TSUBOMI, draws inspiration from the Shakuyaku flower, which blooms only once in early summer and never again. Karen Moriyama's designs are a reflection of her unique perspective, where challenges and insecurities inspire her work. Her goal is to connect with those who struggle with their weaknesses and offer them a sense of comfort and empowerment through her designs. The collection features soft, silky silhouettes that delicately embrace the wearer's body, with textiles that are hand-drawn and dyed in a traditional Japanese painting style.


Instagram @karenmoriyama_official


For all media inquiries, imagery, and additional information, please contact: Instagram @globalfashioncollective

Thanks to our sponsors Makeup and hair by Belle Epoque @sapporobelle @fukuoka_belle @tokyo_belle @belle_harajuku using BullyBlocker @bullyblockerlife @bullyblockerpro

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