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GFC Rakuten Tokyo Fashion Week SS24: JUSMA and Couleurs D'Afrique

August 30, 2023 - Tokyo, Japan - Another successful Rakuten Tokyo Fashion Week has come to an end, but have you ever wondered what it's like to attend the shows? Take a look at our social media videos and posts to experience the event with us. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement as Global Fashion Collective (GFC) showcased some of the latest trends for the upcoming spring season.





JUSMA was launched in July 2022 with a unique design that incorporates metallic accents and pays close attention to the combination of materials and colors, as well as overall details. The result is an aggressive style that provides a boost of confidence when worn.

The S/S24 collection is named Multiple Impact and boasts an elegant yet sporty design. The inspiration behind this collection was the divine beast, resulting in a shockingly unique God Beast design.

JUSMA's concept of a stylish, attention-grabbing individual combines aggressive style with a quirky and innocent theme of "Multiple Impact." Only JUSMA can express this concept through its use of colors, combinations, techniques, and materials, all while providing a metallic feel that can be experienced through all five senses. Website link

Social media handle @jusma_costume


Couleurs D'Afrique

Aline Arnoux's mixed Franco-Cameroonian heritage and upbringing in the French island of Reunion are reflected in her creations. Her use of wax patterns and embroidery produces stunning pieces of art that showcase her diverse background. Her latest collection, S/S24, seamlessly blends vibrant and subdued designs with ancient Ghanaian scriptures embroidered into the fabric, infusing each piece with a unique energy.

Website Social media handle @couleursdafrique974


For all media inquiries, imagery, and additional information, please contact: Instagram @globalfashioncollective

Thank you to our sponsors Makeup and hair by Belle Epoque @sapporobelle @fukuoka_belle @tokyo_belle @belle_harajuku using BullyBlocker @bullyblockerlife @bullyblockerpro

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