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Nae.Atelier, Lediel, Unserten, and L' Eternal Paris

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

GFC Paris Fashion Week FW23

March 3, 2023 - Paris, France - Global Fashion Collective (GFC) came out with some of fall's newest trends with designers from Japan, Columbia, and Korea.


Our collection concept for PFW is set in Japanese, “自らをもって由となす.”

nae. ATELIER values the status we can live each life with self-identity based on one’s will and thought, without interference from other people or the authorities. We create simple and universal design dresses with the hope that brides can express who they are, what they like, and what they believe through their own life in wearing what they want.That precious experience keeps supporting them to live their long life with a belief in oneself. nae. ATELIER aims to encourage people to live their own life with conviction in pursuit of freedom through making simple and sophisticated dresses.

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Lediel is a luxury Prêt-à-porter brand under the creative direction of Laura Maria Escobar, a Colombian designer born in Bogotá who bets on the diversification of silhouettes and the exaltation of sensuality through the mixture of feminine and masculine elements within the exact Look, redefining luxury and Latin sophistication.

After designing for other brands, where her designs stepped on international catwalks, such as Milan Fashion Week in 2021, she launched her collection. In this collection, she clarifies her perspective as a designer and how she conceives female empowerment.

COOL SOPHISTICATION is two words that perfectly describe the essence of the brand. The LEDIEL woman is bold, intrepid, and fierce, and shows it in her movements.

The brand bets on classic cuts with a modern twist that will always give people something to talk about and cause the wearer an overwhelming but subtle confidence.

The brand carries as its insignia a mixture of elements that have always represented feminine sensuality, such as necklines, silks, lace, and corsetry, combined with aspects of a masculine nature that have been associated with power and authoritarianism throughout history, such as the sartorial, shoulder pads, and cloths.A Lediel garment will always be characterized by the sharpness of its cuts, the contrast of its textiles, and the reinterpretation of classic silhouettes within the framework of sophistication and modernity, always exalting women and making them worse with each step they take.

Lediel’s collections have been featured in important fashion magazines such as Vogue.


UNSERTEN is a Tokyo-based, avant-garde, elegant menswear fashion brand founded in 2020.

The feeling of uncertainty inspires UNSERTEN. People desire certainty throughout their lives, but it is, now more than ever, a fact that we live in a rapidly changing world full of uncertainties. Yet it is often those uncertainties that are key to opening new possibilities and making the world a more diverse place.

UNSERTEN consists of an international team of designers from different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities, each impacting our designs and philosophy.

"Through this collaboration, we aim to convey our vision of an inclusive, international, and bright future, no matter what uncertainties we face."

Inspired by uncertainty, Tokyo-based unsersten presents an elegant avant-garde menswear collection!


After returning to Korea from Ecole de Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, he worked as a designer in the domestic fashion industry. A man who loved classical music and studied fashion and a woman who studied piano and loved style joined forces and created the brand; L'eternal. Since then, they have poured their passion and enthusiasm into the brand.

L'eternel takes its brand name from the French word "eternel," which means "forever." It was born out of a desire to capture our unique, "eternally unchanging" sensibility.

"We have prepared a collection with L'eternel's unique design philosophy, integrating the beauty of the East and the West into one, not for fashion itself, but for practical comfort and beauty. This collection is elegant with a French sensibility. It has a refined, oriental feel that blends the lines. ​

Sophisticated to fit any body type, elegant and lively, sometimes dynamic and calming. We express the sensible melody of L'eternel through an 'object' called clothes."

The designers strive to create a value that does not change and remains with time.L'eternel was created by two people who loved classical music and studied fashion in Paris at Ecole De La Chambre Syndical De La Couture Parisienne. The brand started in Seoul, Korea.

They have a unique design philosophy that integrates the beauty of the east and the west into one. The expression of the sensible melody "L'eternel" is shown through an object called clothes. The sewing team brings our designs to life. They create new items curiously and are always unique.


For all media inquiries, imagery, and additional information, please contact:

Lisa Bucher- Media and PR Coordinator

Thank you to our sponsors.

Makeup by Sandy Na using BULLY BLOCKER @bullyblockerlife @sandytingtingna

Hair by Odete DaSilva using Goldwell and Varis @OdeteDailvahair @Goldwellus @VarisProHair Skincare & bodycare by Yayoi @yayoi_fr

About Global Fashion Collective

Launched in October 2017, Global Fashion Collective (GFC) is a platform led by a group of dynamic individuals who share the common goal of cultivating an inclusive and diverse fashion industry. Global Fashion Collective’s mission is to accelerate designer development by producing innovative runway showcases globally in fashion capitals to increase international media visibility and expand new market opportunities for their show’s participating designers. As the sister company to Vancouver Fashion Week, which has been producing shows since 2001, GFC works with a wide range of international designers at all runway shows. After showcasing in Paris, New York, and Tokyo, the Collective plans to expand its reach with upcoming shows in London and Milan for 2023. Global Fashion Collective aims to grow to be the industry leader in providing collective shows worldwide.

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