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Marcario Jimenez, Kloster Studio, Nuance, and Re.muse

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

GFC Paris Fashion Week FW23

March 3, 2023 - Paris, France - Au revoir Paris! This marked the third and closing Paris Fashion Week show for Global Fashion Collective (GFC). It ends with some of fall's coolest trends with designers from Mexico, Denmark, and Japan.

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This collection emerges from the idea of a strong woman, a woman that can be found in the Greek myth of Artemis, the representation of a self-made woman who runs at her own pace, always about to fight adversity and change her destiny, refusing to be submissive and unarticulated. How the myth has been told describes human nature, induces the viewer to reflect on the meaning of life, and reassures the idea of an unbroken and well-founded woman.

Visual references for the collection are diverse and very personal to Macario Jimenez.

We found a starting point on the clouds as a journey to imagination to find different shapes and forms, always subtle and graceful, part of the brand DNA. As well as geometric shapes from the traditional native communities in Mexico are part of the references in the collection to create contemporary high fashion that honors traditional techniques such as deconstructed perfect squares to ornate each piece with unique textures.

Season colors are all the shades found in the sky, from dawn till dusk: mallow, lavender, rosé, and black.Fall Winter 2023 collection is entirely dedicated to women. Women who wear it, appreciate it, women who created it, women who believe in beauty and their decisions.

High fashion speaks about decisions, each woman's power to decide, and the freedom to choose by herself and be entirely responsible for her choices.

We aim to merge femineity with the power of choice inherent to every woman. A well-intentioned, accurate, sharp woman is the reflection of the collection.

Macario Jimenez pursues to provide women an armor, a piece that confirms who they are and makes them go further and stronger. Always stronger.


Carmen Maria Kloster is a fashion Designer based in Denmark.

In 2021 she finished her bachelor’s degree from the Scandinavian Academy of Fashion Design immediately after she started working on her brand Kloster Studio, from her little Copenhagen apartment and developing a brand that creates fashion with a focus on aesthetics in a sustainable way.

Technique and storytelling are the two fundamental elements of Kloster Studio as a brand.

A big contrast she has brought with her into her work. Recently she moved to a little town in the middle of nowhere - from city life to horses in the backyard.

Together with her boyfriend, she lived in different places in the countryside of Denmark, even tho they were constantly packing and unpacking.

Carmen saw beauty in the chaos, continually working on pieces and making each garment by hand. The collection came to life through the move, and each garment got its own story and became a part of that journey.

The collection is made from recycled materials and leftover fabric, mostly found at small local second-hand stores all over Denmark.The “Provincial Romance” collection is about a lost soul falling in love - a blossoming romance in the province.

Playing with a mix of aesthetics and kitsch and looking at prejudices about the province, often dismissed as tasteless.

The collection was initially based on Carmen’s previous collection, built around nostalgia and the loss of her father.

She worked with a melancholy and excessive sentimentality and approached it with ironic distance. She made it personal but not private.

But in connection with the move, the collection took a turn and became a collection with many impressions and stories told through the clothes.

An expression of something that has been stored for a long time and has therefore acquired traces of use and natural wear and tear.


Nuance took the city by storm as Yuri Otsuka presented their captivating new collection at Paris Fashion Week (PFW) for the FW 2023 Season.

We have been releasing collections twice a year for the past few years, but our collection has yet to have a specific theme this time. The collection itself aims to reveal a new, solid brand concept.

Our new brand concept is “Okuyukasi.”

The Japanese concept of “Okuyukasi” can be translated into “elegant modesty.” The term itself is graceful and attractive; it reflects the times. It also means “to read ahead, to get to know, and to ask with compassion” and “be captivated from the bottom of one’s heart.” So, we designed the dress with such a distinctive feature of Japanese culture.Instead of creating something with exaggeration or eye-catching features, we prefer focusing more on the true, authentic beauty of the brides and how to show it with necessary elaborations. It is, in fact, the expression of Japanese aesthetics.

On the best day of life, we want to tell the backstories of the brides- how they have lived out their lives, as well as their beauty and discernible personal style. The design aims to make the audience curious about all the life stories behind it.


Born in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan, Tomomi became a top sales representative at an apparel company. Later, after participating in the launch of a new overseas e-commerce business as a stylist, she moved into the order-made suit industry and founded Muse, Inc. In 2018, she became the first tailor in Japan to participate in the Milano Collections. Muse's suits are popularly known as "Victory Suits."

They make the wearer feel confident. As one of Japan's first female tailors, Muse pioneered and led the ladies' suit market, even though there was no market for it when she started.

She has contributed to developing women's activities and growth in the industry. She has attracted the attention from many media.

outlets in the industry, and she actively shares her experiences through SNS, having 760,000 followers as of January 2023.


For all media inquiries, imagery, and additional information, please contact:

Lisa Bucher- Media and PR Coordinator

Thank you to our sponsors.

Makeup by Sandy Na using BULLY BLOCKER @bullyblockerlife @sandytingtingna

Hair by Odete DaSilva using Goldwell and Varis @OdeteDailvahair @Goldwellus @VarisProHair Skincare & bodycare by Yayoi @yayoi_fr

About Global Fashion Collective

Launched in October 2017, Global Fashion Collective (GFC) is a platform led by a group of dynamic individuals who share the common goal of cultivating an inclusive and diverse fashion industry. Global Fashion Collective’s mission is to accelerate designer development by producing innovative runway showcases globally in fashion capitals to increase international media visibility and expand new market opportunities for their show’s participating designers. As the sister company to Vancouver Fashion Week, which has been producing shows since 2001, GFC works with a wide range of international designers at all runway shows. After showcasing in Paris, New York, and Tokyo, the Collective plans to expand its reach with upcoming shows in London and Milan for 2023. Global Fashion Collective aims to grow to be the industry leader in providing collective shows worldwide.

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