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Neithan Herbert 

I was raised by a mother who in a foreigner country taught me traditions that celebrate innumerable pretexts, of life and death in a romantic way. These rituals provide the framework to live as free spirits, and flowers and plants play a big role in it. There is a love and respect for nature and to work together as a community. My mom, with the help of other artisans, dedicated her life for 40 years to promote the art-craft and textile work of the local Ecuadorians around the world. When I was born she opened her first clothing store in Mexico, this is exactly where I had my first contact with the fashion world. That’s the reason why I chose to dig inside the diary of all the things that I’ve learned over the years from my mix.

The inspiration of this SpringSummer 2023 ready-to-wear collection came from the curiosity to search inside of the indigenous roots of the Creative Director, who was born in Ecuador and raised in Mexico. It is a tribute to his mother and a celebration to the diversity inside of Latin America. He focused a lot on the deconstruction of the traditional silhouettes to then mix them with craft techniques, this took us into a trip to the past with a modern twist. The flowers and shapes of petals also played a big role in the collection, he
found the perfect link between the romanticism of flowers and all the volumes that these create mixed with all the romantic meaning behind it. He found ways to translate the withering of a flower with fabrics and cuts inside the garments because of the title of this collection “Stop Watering Dead Flowers”.

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