Narciza Severa

Saúl Alberto Tello Chami, originally from Merida Yucatán, at the age of 17 leaves his native city to carry out his great dream in Monterrey and start his career as a fashion designer at CEDIM. After finishing his studies and thanks to his thesis project, he develops his current company Narciza Severa, recognized as one of the best brands of evening dresses in Monterrey. passionate about fashion enjoys guiding each of her clients to create their best version that NZ represents the constant search for perfection and improvement in the life of every woman. Thanks to its contemporary, glamorous style, with manual details builds NS as one of the most loved and admired brands in the social networks. With more than 100k followers on FB and IG. In 2019 she presents her first Bridal collection presented at NYFW, in 2021 she creates her first parade of brides and XV dresses. Since then he has collaborated with influencers and personalities of knowledge national.

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