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The concept of Mission Z Mars fashion comes from our understanding of Mars, and Mission Z  hopes to lead the era of Mars. 

 The world of Mars is both simple and complex, "disorderly" and "orderly", "present" and  "future", it is a "contradiction" and a "community" 


Exploring the vast unknown universe is not only the romance of a man of science and  technology, but the dazzling beauty of the stars and the sea also really tugs at the heartstrings  of women. After all, who can resist the beautiful style of painting the starry sky all over the skirt? 


Fashion in the Enlightenment of Elegance "Space Age" 


In the 1960s, the moon landing plan, which represented the highest level of human science and  technology, once aroused a new look of "futurism" in the fashion circle. Since then, the fusion of  fashion and technology has affected groups of people. 


With the continuous development of the aerospace industry and the continuous changes of  fashion aesthetics, we have integrated more elements into fashion, ushering in a more diverse  and richer era of "space fashion". 


The "space department" looks that seem to surpass the times show people the huge  imagination of the concept of dressing in the age of technology. Whether it is technology or  fashion, it is precisely because of the yearning for "space" and because of our Space is still so  poorly understood that it is so fascinating. 


The unknown is always the driving force behind our curiosity, fascination with beauty, and constant exploration for it.

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