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Kylie Michelle

Kylie Michelle was born and raised in South Jersey. Growing up she always had a love for art and design. She took her first sewing lesson in fifth grade and knew she wanted to pursue fashion design long-term. While growing up she continued to learn and explore sewing and design. In high school, she taught basic sewing skills to others and participated in her first runway show. Kylie has just graduated from Parsons School of Design where she completed her thesis collection that she will be showing. The name of her collection is Stimulus and was inspired by the integration of the five senses as well as nature landscapes. This can be seen through the use of color, pattern, and
texture. This collection had a heavy focus on materiality which was an exciting
challenge for Kylie to explore. This collection is fun, bright, and slightly avant-garde and she can’t wait for everyone to see it.

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Yellow Dress



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