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Befrow a Global Fashion Collective (GFC) designer


Gigi Wang founded the designer brand that bears her own name in 2019. GIGI Wang's design philosophy is to integrate Chinese traditional clothing 

cul-lure into contemporary fashion trends, and to help sustain and grow traditional Chinese fashion aesthetic in today's hyper changing world. In 2020, Gigi has brought her second collection "Folk Story" to the New York Fashion Week.

In 2023,Gigi will bring her new brands Half+Half and collections “Cubism”at F/W Paris Fashion Week. Cubism is a highly conceptual art movement. It pursues the beauty of geometric shapes and the aesthetics created by their arrangement and combination. Objects traditionally observed or represented from a single perspective are instead presented from a multitude of viewpoints, conveying the continuity of time and space.

She incorporates elements of cubism into her designs and explores how people can maintain childlike innocence and perceive the world and express emotions like children.

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A female model wearing one of Befro's looks on the GFC runway



Female model modeling one of Befrow's looks on a GFC runway
A look from Befrow's previous collections being modeled by a female model on a GFC runway
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