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Gigi Wang

Gigi Wang founded the designer brand that bears her own name in 2019.


GIGI Wang’s design philosophy is to integrate Chinese traditional clothing culture into contemporary fashion trends, and to help sustain and grow traditional Chinese fashion aesthetic in today’s hyper changing world. 

In the early days of the brand's creation, Gigi launched the first couture series "INHERITOR", combining more than a dozen Chinese traditional intangible cultural heritage handicrafts with modern fabrics and tailoring, demonstrating the younger generation's attention and love for traditional crafts. Once launched, it garnered lot of attention all around.

In 2020, Gigi will bring her second collection "Folk Story" to the New York Fashion Week. The inspiration for this collection comes from Chinese tradition, parent-child costumes is used to express the passing on and inheritance of Chinese folk culture to the next generation. Gigi uses traditional fabric such as Zhangrong, Xiangyunsha, brocade, and silk, combined with modern environmentally-friendly fabrics and innovative fabrics, showing a continuum of history into the future. The designer used three types of embroidery from different regions in China, each with a distinctive feature and historical background. 

The soft tulle is wrapped in silk to show the lines of the waist. The "lion dance" at the festival was sewn behind the coat. The child's hat is embroidered with a cloth tiger symbolizing auspiciousness. The waistcoat made of "Emerald" beads and ceramic beads swayed with soft spikes. Koi, swallows, tadpoles, these animal motifs that have been legendary in China are embroidered on the neckline of children. A belt studded with croquette jewelry flashed on the skirt. 

Gigi Wang wants to use her brand new series to tell beautiful and ancient stories, to bring back those elements buried in time, to educate a new generation of audiences that will be appreciative of these traditional Chinese visual language and culture.

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