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Originally from the South West of France, I moved to Paris five years ago to study fashion, a passion shared with my grandmother: during my childhood she used to sew what I drew and then taught me the basics of sewing.


During my fashion studies, I focused on styling and pattern making, loving the process of transforming a simple sketch into a garment.

After this Bachelor's degree I wanted to complete my creative curriculum with a Master's degree in Fashion and Luxury Management obtained in June 2022.

I am now an assistant designer for a Premium Ready-to-Wear company and continue to create during my free time.


Being aware of the external environment that can be anxiety-provoking, I wanted to create a collection that would be reassuring through its different layers and materials. The human being going through different phases in order to discover himself, COLLISIONS allows everyone to better know themselves.


In cold tones with warmer touches, wide shapes and contrasting materials, the idea behind the collection is to be able to adapt the garment to one's needs and desires; the layers can be put on and taken off very easily with zips and snaps.


With a mix of pleats, ribs and details, COLLISIONS is a tactile experience in itself.


A mixed sportswear collection, opening up societal codes to allow everyone to express themselves.

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