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After a first show in Vancouver last April, Ermine Paiso presents her second collection on October first, at the Salon des Miroirs in Paris.


Thought in the French Alps, each piece is designed, modeled and sewn in the same atelier, following the delicate rhythm of artisanal creation. The founder of this young brand, Emilie, makes each outfit by hand. Paying particular attention to everyday comfort and elegance, each fabric is carefully selected from renowned manufacturers, prioritizing local suppliers or from neighboring countries.


Enthusiasm and benevolence are her key words. It is fundamental for Emilie to keep a constant reflection on the needs of women wearing the brand and to discuss with them during tailor-made projects.


Echoing her first collection Night Owl, the next one is called Early Bird.

In homage to the ones which by their song mark the precious transition from night to day and give her company during her working hours, sometimes indicating her the time. This collection follows their evolution and illustrates throughout the show a dialogue between fragility and power.

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