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Growing up in a small Canadian prairie city, Dryden Sereda learned the influence of art as a communication interface. Affected by underground street culture and music scenes, his first clothing project titled ‘MNGLD supply’ takes a look toward the abstraction of appearance as a prime way of storytelling. A modern grunge and punk inspired collection that uses mediums ranging from spray paint, blow torches and hardware to bring a certain interest to typically normal garments. Through this project, Sereda developed his keen sense of experimentation using consistent combinations of opposing fabrics, bold images, rough edges and textile treatment.

 Aspiring to enhance his skills and achieve more in his fashion career, Sereda took a leap of faith; leaving friends, family and a stable career to set off and complete a fashion design diploma at the Visual College of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada.  

Now, as a top of class graduate and winner of the 2022 Nancy Mak award for emerging B.C designers, he prepares to present his eponymous label SEREDA with the debut collection “Esteemed Resonance”.  

 With articulation of shape through architectural disciplines, the Esteemed Resonance collection taps into a dark, high-energy style of design that Sereda has been known for. Calling on inspiration of contemporary sculpture and generations of influential figures to form his ‘Contemporary Professional Rockstar’ appearance. Crafting textiles into silhouettes that are at once unconventional yet understood; Suiting fabrics, couture lace and elegant evening wear silks come together with rejuvenation and bring forth a powerful and complex high-profile statement for the bold individual.   

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