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Yuka Usami

I was born in Nagano-ken, a place surrounded by mountains that we call it “The Alps of Nippon”. I grew up in beautiful nature land with multicultural background. My parents took me go travel around the world and my siblings has an international marriage. Just like the slogan of Japan’s promotion copywrite, “Old meets New”, I personally love to create new things with classical perspective. 

The trigger was my Paris vacation.

When I saw a very stylish Madame at a café in Paris, I strongly felt, “I want to create masterpieces that make people feel happy and confidence.” That was the origin of JENNE.

Perpetuity, timelessness, sophistication, and elegance, with the JENNE 24SS Collection, we prepared a wardrobe for the portrait of independent Madams and ladies who enjoy the times of travel and vacation.

Sometimes it’s about sunshine, beaches, cruises. Sometimes its’s about brunch, shopping, art appreciation. Sometimes it’s about nightclubs, ceremonies, parties.

But sometimes, all I want is to be myself, having a cup of coffee at a café, alone.

Just be casual, having a relaxed time, simply enjoying this moment.

This is called Vacances.

The collection features contemplated, crafted timeless design that presents the elegant, sophisticated, self-assured nature of women who fearlessly pursue their own charm. It portrays the image of an independent woman gracefully enjoying Vacances, capturing the essence of a modern woman’s portfolio and showing the private life of the Japan JENNE.

The collection presents classic colors with superior color palette, signature shapes and silhouettes. The selected fabrics and masterful construction with comfort textures, it provides a truly luxurious, gorgeous look.



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