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Tulip n' Room

Tulip n' Room, based in New York, is the creative vision of designers Xinyu Zheng and Dairu Ren, who express their narrative through exquisite handmade clothing. The brand's philosophy centers on crafting garments that not only adorn the body but also embody the personal stories of its creators. This is achieved through a fusion of diverse materials and artisanal techniques.

The collection features fabrics sourced from deadstock textiles and recycled materials, meticulously adorned with hand-embroidered sequins and beads. Techniques such as hand-crocheting and hand-knitting underscore their dedication to environmental sustainability, while enhancing a distinctive aesthetic.

Inspired by their family's '80s photographs, this season celebrates vintage feminist silhouettes. The designs capture a vibrant era where the past meets contemporary sensibilities, reflecting a bold fusion of history and modernity.



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