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Tomomi Katsu

Born in Hyogo Prefecture in Japan, Tomomi became a top sales representative at an apparel company. Later, after participating in the launch of a new overseas e-commerce business as a stylist, she moved into the order-made suit industry and founded Muse, Inc. In 2018, she became the first tailor in Japan to participate in the Milano Collections.

Muse's suits are popularly known as "Victory Suits". They make the wearer feel confident. As one of the first female tailors in Japan, Muse has pioneered and led the ladies' suit market, even though there was no market for it when she started. She has contributed to the development of women's activities and growth in the industry. She has attracted attention from many media outlets in the industry, and she actively shares her experiences through SNS, having 760,000 followers as of January 2023.



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