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Tess Man Haute Couture

Tess Mann is an internationally recognized designer and the magic behind Tess Mann Atelier.  This eponymous fashion label is based out of Nashville, TN, USA.  Formerly acclaimed for her exquisite bridal designs, Tess Mann is embarking on an exciting evolution into evening wear, resort/cruise collections, cocktail wear, menswear, gender neutral designs, and bespoke custom creations.  Embracing detailed craftsmanship and a unique artistic flair, TMA is thrilled to be on this new trajectory.  Tess Mann designs are for the proximal individual, inspiring them to be whomever they choose to be without apology.  While wearing Tess Mann, anyone may be armed with unfailing confidence both in the boardroom and out on the town.  With a commitment to elegance and innovation, Tess Mann Atelier continues to redefine the boundaries of high fashion by emphasizing the importance of exquisite fabrics, passionate designs, innovation, sustainability, and impressive construction with meticulous tailoring.

The Sophisticate Collection embodies elegance, grace and subtle sensuality.  The collection oozes confidence, self assurance while alluding to the synergy between underlying power and passion. With softly flowing fabrics accentuated by unique architectural embellishments, custom hand embroidery and beading, handmade florals, custom drapery and a splash of flirtatious color, this truly is “Poetry in Motion.”



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