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Teddy Me

teddy♡me was born in 2012. The concept of teddy♡me's clothes is "dreamy cute". Our clothes are with full of pastel colors, frills, and ribbons - they all feel sparkly and magical from our wishes to make everybody from kids to adults delighted and happy.

We have been making thousands of clothes for kids in Japan, and love to continue seeing

kids being happy in their fluffy skirts, and that's why we like to continue to make our "dreamy cute" clothes. We hope to see teddy♡me's clothes bring joy to people all over the world.


2007 - 2011  Entered Sugino Fasion College, Department of Fashion, Sensibility Industrial Design Course

2009  Third place in campus competition

2011  Joined Young Fashion Laboratory Inc., a leading Japanese apparel company as a sales representative

2012   Launched my own brand “teddy♡me"

2012 - present: Started designing, manufacturing and selling children's clothing

    three thousands  of children's clothes via the online store and SNS

    Opened pop-up stores across Japan

2022 - present: Hosting online lessons for making kids clothes. (currently 100+ students enrolled)



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