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Suzumi Sato

After studying product design at the Department of System Design Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Design in university, she started working as a web designer.

Her fashion and lifestyle attracted many people especially women of her generation. In 2018, she established her own brand "louren", and act as the creative director and designer.

She opened “louren tokyo hiroo shop”, her first shop on the street in 2021. She mainly works on the shop interior design, floral decoration it chabges by seasons, BGM and fragrance in the shop.

At Spring/Summer collection 2023, she designed luxurious high quality refined clothes. She is meticulous about materials, area of productions, and continues to show her originality. In Autumn of 2023, she will unveil her first collection at Paris Fashion Week and at the same time, celebrate the 5th anniversary of the brand establishment.

She named her ideal woman "louren" and brought it to life as a brand name.

Based on the concept “unadorned femininity and timeless comfortable urban style", she

expresses the stylish and sophisticated female image through her own experience and fashion sense.

In her first collection, she made clothes which has stereoscopic effect by dainty drape

aesthetics. It pays homage to Madame Gre, who was called Grand Madame in the world of

haute couture and praised as a "cloth sculptor". Inspired by the elegant evening dress created by Madame Gre, she is now presenting more effortless and timeless “ready-to-wear” by lourenʼs worldview.



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