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SATOSHI SHINADA, also known as Christian Gail, studied fashion in New York and after returning to Japan, worked as a merchandiser for Donna Karen NEW YORK.

After that, he was put in charge of the department store MARUI's P.B. "RU" director, and the producer of the department store's Shibuya store Young Building renovation, giving birth to SHIBUYA MARUI JAM. It became a vivid department store that reformed the way

department stores should be.

After retiring from MARUI, he went to China and became the director of the fashion floor of

Beijing's department store“世貿天階”, where he achieved a number of reforms. Having accomplished such a number of careers, he returned to Japan in 2014 and launched the HYPER COUTURE STORE in Nagoya PARCO, which can be said to be the culmination of his career.

The concept is “FASHION THEME PARK”. Mainly experienced in department store work, he launched the store from a mere box of goods to create a space that gives customers dreams with the theme of fusion of fashion, entertainment and amusement.

Last year, it opened at Laforet HARAJUKU, and has continued to expand. This HYPER COUTURE Collection is a product that incorporates such thoughts. His paint art, remake ideas, etc., you can feel ideas that are not found in other brands. Collaboration contracts with DJ KOO and Astro Boy have also been decided this year, and I am looking forward to this collection all the more.



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