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There are many attractive vintage clothes and fabrics that can be found all over the world. SASAKI YOHINTEN is a small online shop that seeks and collects precious vintage apparel and fabrics. We utilize these vintage pieces to create exclusive works that are unique and sold to buyers all over the world.

Sasaki Chiho is inspired by various cultures from all over the world and creates her interpretation of other culture’s traditional wear. With the use of vintage fabrics, the limitations of freedom of design have been set. Sasaki Chiho brings ingenuity and original ideas are combined to create new and attractive designs.

Mitsugu Sasaki unearths old worn-out clothing from a bygone era and uses Japanese Sashiko technique to create works that will continue to live on in the world 100 years from now.

Social Media: Mitsugu Sasaki Sasaki Chiho



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