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Sanae Yokohata

After graduating from International Christian University, She entered ESMOD JAPON TOKYO. Graduated from ESMOD JAPON TOKYO Stylism course. Established nae.ATELIER in 2011 after working as a designer at Uniqlo Co., Ltd.

The design of “nae. ATELIER” is ultimately simple and sophisticated that approach the essence of the beauty which lies within a person. In design, we figure out the minimal construction line for making the silhouette lean and beautiful by combining the skilled Japanese craftsmanship of pattern-making and sewing, and the selected fabrics across Japan.

The simple dress enhances the bride's shine from the inside and support to be perfect.

Our collection concept for PFW is set in Japanese、“自らをもって由となす”. nae. ATELIER values the status we can live each life with self-identity based on one’s will and thought, without interference from other people or the authorities. We create simple and universal design dresses with the hope that brides can express who they are, what they like, and what they believe through their own life in wearing what they want.

That precious experience keeps supporting them to live their long life with belief in oneself. nae. ATELIER aims to encourage people to live their own life with one’s conviction in pursuit of freedom, through making the simple and sophisticated dresses.



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