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Nohara Shiho

After graduating from fashion college ESMOD JAPON, she gained experience as a designer of classical ballet costumes before independence. While making dresses to order at a wedding dress salon in Tokyo, she also made costumes for advertising and artists. Founded her own brand, MaisonSUZU in 2012 which started with a small apartment room. In 2013, she established her own wedding brand Maison SUZU.

She is a new brand she launched with her creative and professional colleagues using her own experience.​ Ever since she was a student, she has been fascinated by the beauty and world that emerges when everything is put together, including stage costumes, stage equipment, hair and makeup. Her experiences with stage costumes have taught her how to design things based on how people move when wearing them, how the embroidery and beads shine, and how colours and shadows appear in different lights, and this still influences her designs.

She has been fond of the details and designs of vintage clothing and intricate handcrafted items since she was young. The embroidery and details created by hands do not fade over the years, and they have value. She creates things with the belief that there is. Many of MaisonSUZU's dresses are made using techniques such as hand-made haute couture embroidery, and they are like stage costumes, somewhere between unrealistic and everyday wear.

She designs and produces them at her atelier in Tokyo and she will continue to pursue creativity and express herself. The theme of SS24 collection. We will be participating in this show, and for those of us who have been active in Japan until now, we think it will be an unprecedented opportunity for people all over the world to see MaisonSUZU’s dresses.

There is no particular theme for this show, and I hope you will first see MaisonSUZU's worldview. In addition to the dresses that I have been designing for Japanese people, here in Paris I am trying out for the first time black dresses and evening dresses that I have never made before for people from all over the world, including Europe. I would appreciate it if you could take a look at the details such as the delicate use of fabric and embroidery.



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